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Taxi and Private Hire

Accident management and vehicle hire to keep you on the road.

Azumo Assist are here to help with your taxi and private hire accident management and vehicle replacement.

We understand the importance of keeping your taxi on the road to secure your income.

Which is why, in the event of a non-fault accident for your taxi or private hire vehicle, Azumo Assist will provide you with a like-for-like taxi or private hire vehicle.

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Whether you run a hackney carriage or a private hire, we are here to help you.

After the non-fault accident has occurred, call Azumo Assist to log the accident and the details. As soon as the phone is down, the claim is logged.

This will be assessed and confirmed by our legal professionals to claim liability.

Once this has been confirmed, we will arrange a replacement vehicle for the driver of the taxi or private hire vehicle. Your replacement vehicle will be like-for-like to your taxi, this will be a licensed vehicle in the licensed area where you work, to keep you moving as normal.

Your taxi or private hire vehicle will be taken for repairs. Azumo Assist has a network of authorised body shops who will carry out the repairs on your taxi or private hire vehicle to restore it back to working order.

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Throughout the duration of your claim, we will keep you updated on the progress of your repair through our client portal.

This process will be at no cost to you! Using our trusted partner, ‘Winn Solicitors’, our team will deal with the legal details and claim liability. You will have no excess to pay and no upfront cost to pay either.

This process will be of no cost to you. We mean it, no hidden fees. It will not affect your no claims bonus either.

Mechanic Handing Keys
We are here when you need us most

Azumo Assist gets your car back on the road quicker, while ensuring your day to day life is kept normal.

If you would like to learn more about Azumo Assist, head over to About Us.

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