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Courier and Haulage

Accident management and vehicle hire to keep you on the road.

Azumo Assist ensures all types of vehicles which are involved in a non-fault accident are managed with no stress for the driver.

We understand the importance of keeping your courier or haulage vehicle on the road and how accidents can be detrimental for your business

Which is why we can be your partner in a time of need. Azumo Assist provides accident management and vehicle replacement for a non-fault accident.

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We specialise in accident management and vehicle replacement.

In the event of a non-fault accident, get in touch with Azumo Assist.

Our legal team will log your accident and review the details. The liability of the accident will be reviewed, if this is accepted, they will instruct Azumo Assist to manage your current vehicle.

Your courier or haulage vehicle will be taken to a trusted repairs garage or body shop to get repaired.

In the meantime, we will source you a replacement vehicle which is like-for-like, to keep you on the road as normal.

The necessary repairs will be carried out and all progress will be logged in the client portal, which can be accessed at any point during your claim.

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Once your courier or haulage vehicle is back to working order, we will inform you. You can either collect your vehicle from the garage or body shop, or we can deliver it back to you.

Azumo Assist offers ‘Fleet Management’ for companies with a fleet of vehicles which need to be kept on the road.

This comes with no cost. No hidden management fees. You will not have to pay any excess or up-front costs.

Mechanic Handing Keys
We are here when you need us most

Azumo Assist gets your car back on the road quicker, while ensuring your day to day life is kept normal.

If you would like to learn more about Azumo Assist, head over to About Us.

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