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About Us

We are Azumo Assist, helping you when you need us most.

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Azumo Assist specialise in accident management and vehicle replacement.

We help clients who have been involved in non-fault accidents where liability has been confirmed. In the event of a non-fault accident, Azumo Assist are here to help you.

Call Azumo Assist to log the non fault accident with our legal team who will take details and confirm liability.

This is applicable for a range of vehicles, including regular vehicles, taxis, private hire, commercial vehicles, supercars, haulage and more.

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Once the claim is accepted and liability is confirmed, our team will arrange a replacement vehicle for yourself which is like-for-like.

On the same day, we will book your vehicle for the necessary repairs to get your car back to working order.

Insurers would simply supply you with a vehicle which does not reflect what you drive now. If your vehicle is your job, anything different just won't work. Which is why Azumo Assist will match your vehicle like-for-like, or ensure it is within the same category.

Cars for Sale

Azumo Assist have a range of trusted body shops and repair garages across the country who will carry out the repairs on your vehicle to the highest of standards.

We offer our trusted network of garages a 14 day payment period, to regulate their cash flow and ensure they can run smoothly. This will be at no cost to you. We mean it. No hidden fees.

Our legal team will manage the legal claim, your car is in safe hands with each member of the Azumo team. Our team has extensive experience in all aspects of the business. Lee heads up Azumo, Lee has had many years of experience within the motor industry, insurance industry and taxi industry, Lee was in prime position to set up Azumo to provide solutions to many sectors.

All of the team at Azumo have years of experience in the areas in which they manage, so you can trust in Azumo Assist to deliver you with high quality accident management and vehicle repairs.

Azumo Assist is a proud partner of ‘Winn Solicitors’. Working with them for over 20 years, they manage all of Azumo’s cases and clients to sort the insurance, without damaging the client's no claims bonus. 

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We are here when you need us most

We understand the importance of keeping you on the road. Which is why, when you are involved in a non-fault accident, think ‘Azumo Assist’.

If you would like to learn more about Azumo Assist, head over to 'Our Services'.

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