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Crashed Car
Car Painting
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Azumo Assist

Azumo Assist are an accident management specialist, specialising in vehicle replacement, repair and injury compensation.

We help clients who have been involved in non-fault accidents where liability has been confirmed.

In the event of a non-fault accident, Azumo Assist are here to help you.

On the same day, we will book your vehicle for the necessary repairs to get your car back to working order.

Insurers would simply supply you with a vehicle which does not reflect what you drive now. If your vehicle is your job, anything different just won't work. Which is why Azumo Assist will match your vehicle like-for-like, or ensure it is within the same category.

Parking Lot

Our services apply to a range of vehicles, including regular vehicles, taxis, private hire, commercial, supercars, haulage and more.

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Car Accident

Keeping your life moving as normal...

Taxi & Private Hire

Ensuring your taxi stays on the road...

Courier & Haulage

Keep your courier and haulage vehicle moving...

Mechanic Handing Keys

We are here when you need us most

Azumo Assist gets your car back on the road quicker, while ensuring your day to day life is kept normal.

If you would like to learn more about Azumo Assist, head over to About Us.
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